Top 4 Reasons Why I Wear Blue Light Filtering Glasses Daily

Woman working on her laptop in a coffee shop

Article contributed by Rebecca Howe

You know how you typically want something you don’t have when you’re younger? For me, it was glasses. I was surrounded by people who needed glasses, but the need wasn’t there for me. So, why was I suddenly sporting some sleek black frames one day in 2018? Well, my vision quality hadn’t changed, but after about a year into my first full-time marketing job, I noticed a slight decline in my eye health and beyond, but couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t something I really experienced before and began to dig into the reason. I realized it may have been caused by the Blue Light from looking at my computer screen and the exposure to harsh fluorescent lighting for 8+ hours a day.

So, I started to do some research to see if there was anything I could do. I realized Blue Light filtering glasses may be the solution and began to narrow down my choices. The result? I went with ​Felix Gray​and never looked back (pun slightly intended, I suppose). Now, these glasses are basically part of my uniform and for four reasons.

Rebecca Working Wearing Her Felix Gray Glasses holding up a tea working on her computer

Reason #1: Eyestrain, Dry Eye, and Blurry Vision Relief

I can say with confidence that once I started wearing these Blue Light blocking glasses, I stopped experiencing eyestrain, dry eyes, and blurry vision around the middle and end of my day. It was such a relief to not have to have to rub my eyes or just want to close my computer screen. I was able to be more productive and focus better on my work throughout the rest of the day, while also be more alert off of my computer. So, now whenever I open my computer, you bet I am also putting on my glasses to block out the Blue Light and the harsh fluorescent lighting (because they also offer 100% UVA/UVB protection).

Reason #2: No Headaches

Similar to the eyestrain I experienced, I was also experiencing headaches. Usually, by mid-day, it would creep in and the sometimes right into the night. It felt so good to not get a daily headache once I started wearing my glasses and could be more of an active participant in post-work activities.

Reason #3: Better​ ​Sleep

For me, I noticed that because my eyes were so strained and I couldn’t beat the headaches and it was leading me to sleep poorly. After about a week of wearing my glasses, I realized I was sleeping BETTER! Like, a full night of rest and didn’t wake up drained. It’s what convinced me that I made the right choice and to keep wearing my glasses. I know when I sleep better, I’m more productive, and honestly, just more fun to be around.

Reason #4: Sleek and Stylish

I love the fact that these glasses are a nice compliment to my outfits and overall style. I spend a lot of time at a computer and I want to feel confident in what I am wearing at the same time, including my glasses. Whenever I talk about Blue Light blocking glasses with colleagues, I typically hear the preconceived notions that they have a tint to them or they’re not the most flattering. But once people realize my glasses are Blue Light blocking glasses and are sleek and stylish, they’re pleasantly surprised. Plus, there’s no color tinting to really worry about because they’re the perfect balance of clear and effective, while also offering ant-glare capabilities. Even my graphic designer friends were surprised by how well the glasses didn’t alter their color choices for ads and other graphics.

It’s been two years since I purchased my first pair and I now have a pair at home, work, and well, a backup pair because why not? If you’re experiencing what I was experiencing, I definitely recommend getting yourself a pair​.