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Blue Light blocking prescription glasses

Remind me, what is Blue Light again?

Blue Light is high-energy light that screens emit, and it sits on the farthest, highest end of the visible light spectrum next to UV light (ultraviolet light). In today’s world, we’re constantly surrounded by Blue Light with our cell phones, computers, tablets, LED lights, and more. While Blue Light screens are more energy efficient, there are also negative side effects of Blue Light that can impact our health and our eyes in the form of Digital Eye Strain.

Digital Eye Strain (DES) or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is caused by staring at digital devices for extended periods of time. This prolonged screen use can really take a toll on our eye in the way of blurry vision, eye fatigue, headaches, or eye strain. Additionally, a lot of research has come out pointing to the negative impacts Blue Light can have on our circadian rhythm or sleep-wake cycle. This can impact our melatonin production and can also tie to light sensitivity at night. While we’re still waiting to see the long-term effects of over exposure to Blue Light, some studies have linked harmful Blue Light to macular degeneration or age-related macular degeneration. Thankfully, here at Felix Gray we offer computer glasses to keep your eyes happy, productive, and protected from Blue Light.

What are Blue Light blocking prescription glasses?

Felix Gray’s Blue Light filtering glasses protect your eyes in today’s screen-filled world. Our Blue Light blocking prescription glasses feature the same Blue Light filtering and glare eliminating technology as our non-Rx glasses. Unlike other brands who have blue tinted prescription glasses, or blue prescription glasses with a reflective coating, we embed our proprietary Blue Light filtering solution into the lenses so they’re both clear and effective. On top of that we apply a premium AR coating (Anti-Reflective) to block 99% of glare. In a world where we spend most of our day in front of screens, why wouldn’t you get Blue Light prescription glasses?


We offer high-index 1.67 lenses for our virtually clear Blue Light filter prescription glasses set in Italian acetate frames. We’re able to fill Blue Light protection glasses with a spherical value (SPH) between -6.00 and +4.00 up to a -/+2.00 cylinder (CYL). If you need a prescription, you can schedule an eye exam with your local eye doctor or optical provider. We use quality 1.67 high-index lenses so we can provide thinner lenses and still service a range of prescriptions. We want to give you the best possible product at the most affordable price point.

Sleep glasses

Our blue block sleep glasses are a more enhanced way to specifically filter the range of Blue Light that impacts melatonin secretion to improve the quality of your rest. We offer our sleep glasses as Blue Light prescription glasses, non-prescription glasses, and readers. We can fill prescriptions with a spherical value (SPH) between -2.00 and 3.00 up to a -/ 1.00 cylinder (CYL). You don’t have to worry about just wearing our non-prescription Blue Light eyeglasses or sleep glasses with contacts. Now you can just wear our Blue Light blocking prescription glasses!

Why do you want your prescription glasses to filter Blue Light?

If you’ve heard of Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome, you’ll knowthere are a lot of side effects from prolonged screen use and Blue Light exposure (think:blurred vision, headaches, or eye fatigue). While some other brands offer Blue Light blockingglasses that fit over prescription glasses, we at Felix Gray offer prescription blue blockers thatembed our Blue Light filtering technology into the lens. We offer Blue Light filtering lenses thatare virtually clear (no yellow tint!) and you can wear them any time any day. We work hard todesign glasses for the way we think glasses should be in today’s world. We’re constantly scrollingthrough Instagram, working on our computers, and watching Netflix at night—with all of that in mind, it’s a no brainer that your prescription glasses should also filter Blue Light.

How to buy Blue Light blocking prescription glasses online?

You can buy any of our glasses on our website and we offer free shipping and returns! All Felix Gray eyewear is FSA and HSA eligible. Plus, we accept most vision insurance providers, but we always recommend checking in with your insurance provider first. All of our blue blocker prescription glasses are also available in non-prescription glasses and reading glasses too. Feel free to look through our different styles to see which frames are best for you. In addition to Blue Light filtering eyeglasses and sleep glasses, we also offer a line of color enhancing sunglasses.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact our Customer Experience team at [email protected]. Or send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions about which style fits you best!