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Best-in-class Blue Light Glasses

Up to 15X more effective, our proprietary Blue Light lens provides real relief from Digital Eye Strain.

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Daily Contact Lenses

New! Contacts designed with screens in mind. Long-lasting comfort and moisture for optimal wearability.

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The Clear Lens

The Amber Lens

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InSight by Felix Gray™

Designed to do more.

Our Clear lenses filter 15X more of the most important Blue Light than the rest. Our Amber lenses filter 23X more. When we say our eyewear does more, we mean it.

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Our proprietary Blue Light filtering solution is fully infused within the lens material. The effects of Blue Light aren’t an afterthought. Why settle for add-ons that are?

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A double-sided, anti-reflective coating minimizes indirect light that bounces off the lens while maximizing direct light for truly superior optical clarity. Plus, it’s scratch resistant.

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High-quality, organic acetate is both lightweight and durable. Ours is hand‑finished in a family run factory in Italy, that’s been honing its craft for over 100 years.

We mean business.

Felix Gray is powering offices-and home offices-around the country. Equip your team with Felix Gray glasses to show them you care about their well-being while in front of their screens and away.

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Reliable Protection

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Your wellbeing is worth it. Here’s our commitment:

Eyewear up to your standards. And theirs.