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Proprietary Blue Light
filtering solution
Double sided,
anti-glare coating
100% UVA/UVB
Ultra thin
polarized lenses
Enhanced color
and clarity
organic acetate
eyeglasses hard case and lens cloth

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From expert customer care to a delicate lens cloth, every step of your experience is important. Our products deliver on their promise, and we do too.

Plus, our glasses are eligible for reimbursement when using your pre-tax FSA or HSA dollars.

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Alessandro Volta

The Story Behind the Frame

Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist and chemist famous for inventing the electric battery. Not only that, he also discovered and isolated methane gas. No biggie! The volt, a unit of electromotive force, is named in his honor. Our Volta frames have a little spunk in their structure, so we've named them for our favorite electric inventor.