Picking the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

Five pairs of different colored Felix Gray sunglasses in a row

While functionality is important, the perfect pair of eyeglasses is about much more than whether they can do the job or not. There’s the matter of personal style to consider, and — of course — the important factor of whether or not they look good on the wearer. Even the most in-vogue pair of glasses or sunglasses will be put down if they are not flattering.

With glasses, face shape is important for getting the right look, especially if you shop for frames online. If it’s time for a new pair, or you’ve just always wondered, “what glasses look good on me?” Here’s a handy guide on how to pick the right glasses frame for your face.

What is Your Face Shape?

The truth is, when it comes to choosing glasses for face shape, no shape grouping is completely accurate. Nobody is a perfect heart, circle, or any other shape grouping. You need to go by the one that is most similar to yours when choosing glasses for your face shape.

  • A round face shape has a rounded forehead at the hairline and a rounded jawline with very subtle angles. The length of their face is also relatively the same as the width.
  • A square face shape’s forehead is almost the same width as the jaw and the hairline follows a straight line. Like a round face, their face is as long as it is wide, only with a strong, squared jawline.
  • A person with a diamond face shape has cheekbones that are significantly wider than their forehead and jawline. They generally have a narrow chin with a strong point and a small forehead. 
  • Oval-shaped faces have wider cheekbones than their jawline and forehead, but unlike diamonds, their face is longer than it is wide. They also have a tall forehead with no sharp angles at the jaw or chin. 
  • Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead than jawline, and their chin usually has a strong point. Their face gradually narrows from top to bottom.
A variety of Felix Gray eyeglasses and sunglasses with a hand coming in

How to Choose Glasses for Your Face Shape

If you’ve determined your shape correctly, your next question is most likely, “what are the best glasses for my face shape?”

Round Shape

The best glasses frames for face shapes that are round are those that add angles to the face. Bold, angular frames such as rectangular, cat-eye, and geometric frames give harness to the soft curves of a round shape, while also adding length.

Square Shape

Because a square-shaped face has more angular lines with equally wide cheekbones, forehead, and jaw, the perfect glasses are those with rounded and thinner frames to soften the hard angles. Frames that are slightly wider on the sides will also give a more rounded look.

Oval Shape

People with this face shape look good in almost all styles. If you have an oval-shaped face, you may wish to look at your more angular or soft points and look for frames that either highlight or deemphasize these parts, according to your own style.

Diamond Shape

Choose frames that narrow out your face: they should not be wide at the temples, and should not be bulky. Avoid angular and geometric shapes.

Heart Shape

A winged-out frame that is wider at the sides adds some balance to this face shape. If your chin is especially narrow, you can create more width with bottom-heavy frames. This article on the best glasses for heart-shaped faces goes into more detail.

Glasses for Each Face Shape

Here are some perfect examples for anyone wondering about the best kind of glasses to get:

Black Felix Gray eyeglasses

Round Shape: Nash

These elegant square frames are a beautiful fit for faces with a rounded chin and few angles. The rectangular shape sharpens your softer features and breaks the face structure to give an appearance of a longer face.

Brown Felix Gray eyeglasses in Amber Toffee

Square Shape: Roebling

The roundness of these is perfect for softening out your angles, while the thin frames do not overwhelm. They are also wider at the temples which adds some balance to a square face.

Black and clear Hopper eyeglasses

Oval Shape: Hopper

The geometric shape gives some angle to the face, while the slightly oversized fit and lighter-colored bottom narrows down the face.

Brown Turning eyeglasses in Horn

Diamond Shape: Turing

The roundness of these frames adds softness to your angles and they are slightly narrow to balance out wide cheekbones.

Lovelace eyeglasses in Serengeti

Heart Shape: Lovelace

Their modified wayfarer shape is perfect for the heart features, while the slightly wider subtle cat-eye downplays a wide forehead.

Other Considerations

A guide on how to choose glasses would not be complete without factoring in details of appearance. It’s also worth taking other factors into consideration when selecting a pair of eyeglasses. Make sure your frames not only compliment your face shape, but also compliment your eye color, skin tone, and hair color. 

If you find yourself struggling with the question of what glasses to get, you can rest easy knowing Felix Gray has designs that bring out the best in each face shape. Now that you have a better understanding of choosing glasses for face shapes, it should be much easier to choose from our wide selection of Blue Light blocking glasses. And if you have more questions? Check out our virtual try-on tool.