Glasses For Small Faces: How to Find the Perfect Frames

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Men and women with small faces often prefer narrow frames and petite glasses specifically designed for them. Their shape and size are designed not just to fit, but also flatter their smaller face shape. Instead of buying regular frames that keep sliding down your nose, or children’s frames that aren’t the right size, you should get proper petite glasses for small heads. Moreover, you should celebrate your features and enhance them with the right pair of glasses.

What Defines a Small Face Shape?

Usually, a small face is relative to a person’s body size and height. However, it’s not exclusively related to either, because there are many tall people with small faces as well as short people with big faces. A face is considered small when its features (eyes, nose, and lips) are placed on a small surface. Narrow faces are also considered small, which is important to keep in mind when purchasing glasses for petite faces.

Many gorgeous celebrities have made their small faces famous—Victoria Beckham, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga to name a few. Having a small face has many advantages. You shouldn’t let the trouble of finding the perfect eyewear overshadow all the good things about your petite features. Luckily, there are many beautiful eyeglasses for small faces to choose from.

The Best Glasses For Small Faces

Prescription glasses with small frames were very popular in the past. In an attempt to make eyewear lighter to wear, designers kept coming up with smaller, thinner frames. Small glasses are becoming trendy once again, but they are also invaluable for high prescriptions. Glasses for small faces have frames with narrow, tiny-sized lenses and wide bridges. It makes them perfect, not only as eyeglasses for small faces but also for people with high prescription needs

So, what glasses look good on a small face?

Classic cat-eye women’s glasses for small faces are one of the most popular choices among ladies. However, gentlemen with small face features usually favor oval and rectangular frames. Round and square frames can work wonderfully unless the lenses are too big. The most important thing to remember when choosing eyeglasses for petite faces is to pay attention to lens height. Lenses that aren’t too high will look better and much more proportionate to small features.

The changing fashion trends naturally have an impact on popular eyewear. A decade ago, all trendsetters were wearing small frames with short lenses because it was the biggest trend at the time. Nowadays, taller shapes are popular, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find trendy glasses for small faces.

Small Tole glasses perfect for a small face

Tips For Choosing Glasses For Small Faces

There are several useful tips to consider when choosing the best eyeglasses for small faces.

First, thick frames tend to overwhelm small faces. However, with the right frame size, you can pull off a degree of thickness. Still, many people, and especially women, find thinner frames fit their small faces better. This makes perfect sense since as there is less area to distribute all the frame thickness. It’s the reason why most frames for small faces come in thin to medium thickness.

Second, semi-rim frames are also very popular and quite suitable for smaller face shapes.

Third, if you want to go super-thin, try metal frames as they are the thinnest frames available.

Finally, thin acetate frames are also a good choice for a petite face as long as the shape and style fit your features.

Why Glasses for Small Face Shapes are Right for You

Any time you need new glasses, you’ll often find yourself visiting local eyewear stores and trying out dozens of various frames. Sometimes, all of them are too big, and sometimes, you may find a small frame that fits but doesn’t look flattering. People with small faces usually go through the same hassles every time they need to get new eyewear, and it’s seldom a fun experience.

Before reaching for children’s frames, you should stop and think about what are the best glasses for a small face. There are many benefits to narrow or smaller fitting glasses. Moreover, higher prescriptions look much better on tiny frames, regardless of your face size.

Find Your Perfect Pair

We find it extremely unfair that men and women with small face size usually end up buying something from the children’s section. At Felix Gray, we design glasses specifically for small faces, and we make sure each pair is stylish and flattering. Browse through our collection of Blue Light glasses and find the perfect pair of glasses for your pretty little face from the comfort of your own home.