Customer Spotlight – Meet Don

A man wearing gray eyeglasses
Name: Don T.
Wears: Limited-edition Roebling in Graphite
Felix Gray Roebling eyeglasses in gray
Asian man wearing Roebling in Graphite
Where do you work and how do you interact with screens on a daily basis?

I’m currently at a multi-channel network and deal with everything from spreadsheets to videos on YouTube and Twitch. Outside of work, I interact with screens when playing video games on a monitor.

What led you to Felix Gray?

Towards the end of the day, my eyes tended to become unfocused, tired, and red. I experienced headaches as well, but wasn’t sure if they were entirely related, though they’re less frequent since using my Felix Grays!

Productivity means…

Getting the most done in the most efficient way possible.

Happiness is…

Being in a good state of balance or flow.

What is your ideal work environment?

Proper ergonomic chairs with computers that are fairly equipped with good lightning so my eyes don’t tire as easily.

How do you stay focused?

Usually, with physical activities such as pull-ups or squats every 30 minutes to reset, and of course, the use of the Felix Gray keeps me focused on work instead of on the state of my eyes.

What’s your favorite thing to do online?

Gaming actually.

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