5 Ways to Increase Well-Being in the Office

A desk setup with a computer, tea, phone, glasses and plant

For many of us, the office is where we spend most of our time from Monday to Friday—yet it’s not always the place where we feel the most comfortable. Increasing well-being at the office should be a top priority for everyone. This article will give you tips and tricks to help improve your well-being at the office and make your workday happier!

  • Take a walk: Most of us spend a large portion of the day sitting at our desks and working on our computers. We often forget to get up or even look up! Taking only 10 or 15 minutes each afternoon to take a quick walk around the block can help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day. It gets your blood moving and allows your brain to keep going strong. 
  • Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Blue Light coming from your computer and phone screens can lead to something called Digital Eye Strain. This can make your eyes dry, tired, and can even result in blurry vision or headaches. To combat this, we suggest wearing Blue Light blocking glasses like the ones at Felix Gray. These specs filter impactful Blue Light and help to make you and your eyes happier. By wearing these glasses, not only will you feel more productive, but you’ll also look great too!
  • Meditate: Meditation has many benefits for your overall well-being and people do it for all kinds of reasons throughout the day. It is a good way to recenter and refocus on what is important and how to get things done. This is why a mid-day meditation is the perfect way to increase your happiness at work. It allows you to redirect your attention to what matters most. 
  • Try Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Offices are full of noise whether it be your colleagues chatting, printers printing, or music playing. Sometimes it feels like you can’t even hear yourself think. This can be frustrating and can make it hard to work in such an environment. Some people find that noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect solution to drown out the distractions and increase productivity.
  • Decorate Your Desk: Usually, your desk is where you spend most of the day at work. It becomes your second home. That is why it is important to make it your own! Decorating your desk to fit your style makes you feel more comfortable and, in turn, creates a more positive work environment. Adding photos, a nice plant, or any personalized touches are all simple ways to boost your morale at work. This way you won’t mind sitting at your desk all day when you have nice things to look at like a fun picture of you and your BFF!

Whether you try just 1 or all of these tricks, your well-being should always be at the top of your to-do list! Work should not be a place where happiness isn’t a priority and we believe that productivity and happiness go hand-in-hand.