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Blue Light glasses
made for happier eyes

Available in optical, sleep, & sun

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Designed to beat eye strain with style and comfort.

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“I would recommend these to anyone concerned about their digital eye strain.”
“I have not had a single screen-induced headache since I bought their glasses.”
“Stylish, high quality eyeglasses that effectively reduce eyestrain.”
“I took off the glasses and waited for sleep to gently wash over me—and shockingly, it did.”

Our most popular styles

Our proprietary Blue Light filtering and glare eliminating lenses keep your eyes happy in today’s screen-filled world

We’re on a mission to empower people to work more comfortably and productively on-screen, so they can live their best and happiest lives off-screen.

  • A new type of eyewear

    A new type of eyewear

    By filtering Blue Light and eliminating glare, our glasses may help fight headaches and eye strain—available in non-prescription, prescription, and readers.

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  • Even eyes need sleep

    Even eyes need sleep

    Our clinically tested sleepwear filters even more Blue Light, and may help improve melatonin secretion by 2x to give you a better night’s rest.

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  • A new type of sunwear

    A new type of sunwear

    Our sunglasses filter Blue Light and enhance all colors to clearly distinguish between reds, blues, and greens for a heightened visual experience.

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Why we're the best Blue Light filtering glasses

We work hard to provide the highest quality blue blocking glasses on the market, and are constantly evolving to bring you innovative eyewear.

Blue Light

Filters Blue Light

Our proprietary lens has embedded Blue Light filtering material inside. This allows it to remain both clear and effective, particularly filtering out the highest energy wavelengths. Overexposure to Blue Light can lead to symptoms like eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption.

Eliminates Glare

Eliminates glare

Our premium Anti-Reflecting (AR) coat eliminates glare, which is unnecessary feedback entering into our eyes that may cause eyestrain, headaches, and blurry vision.

Quality Frames

High quality frames & materials

All our frames are made from premium materials, like Italian acetate and German Engineered Monel.

Color Enhanced

Color enhanced & polarized

Our proprietary Blue Light filtering solution enhances colors by better distinguishing between reds, greens, and blues. We use a special polarization so your screen is never distorted.

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The best Blue Light blocking glasses

The best Blue Light blocking glasses

If you’re looking for the best blue blocking lenses or Anti-Blue Light glasses, then we’ve got you covered. We’re constantly surrounded by screens in today’s world, which is why we offer Blue Light protection glasses. Our Blue Light filter glasses are available in non-Rx, prescription, and readers so everyone can benefit from our blue blocking glasses.

Not sure where to start? Our optical collection is the best Blue Light blocker for everyday use.

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