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Kids Blue Light filtering glasses.

Pick the frame that will best fit your child, then choose prescription or non-prescription at checkout.

Kids Blue Light filtering glasses.

Pick the frame that will best fit your child, then choose prescription or non-prescription at checkout.

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Kids Small (Ages 4-8)

Kids Large (Ages 9-13)

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Set your child up for success with blue light glasses

Nowadays, a simple pair of glasses may not be enough to aid your growing child with the vision correction they deserve. The reality is, kids are using technology more and more with each passing year – so it’s vital to protect their developing eyes and vision while they’re still young.

That’s why we have an entire line of blue light glasses for kids. Featuring a range of sizing options for all ages, here you’ll be able to find the best of the best blue light filtering options for children who need eyeglasses.

Here are the main features and options our kid's blue light glasses have:

1) Clear blue light glasses for kids who spend a lot of time using digital screens

2) Amber tinted glasses featuring a sleep-aid tint

3) Small and large frame sizes that work for any age range

How do blue light glasses and amber tints help your child?

When choosing a new pair of glasses for your child, it can be hard to decide on frame styles, lenses, and other additional options. Blue light lenses – including amber tinted lenses – are the perfect way to simplify this choice.

Eye strain isn’t something only adults experience. While children may recover faster from daily wear and tear, they’re just as susceptible to straining their eyes due to harmful blue light. After all, both adults and children alike are exposed to large amounts of blue light everyday, and this particular type of light affects our vision in multiple ways.

Clear blue light blocking glasses are designed with a layer of blue light filtering within their lens structure – and this filter is what prevents most of this potentially harmful light from reaching your child’s eyes. Amber glasses take this a step further, featuring an additional amber tint with the goal of improving your child’s ability to sleep via increased melatonin production.

Sizing and prescription options for our kid’s glasses

If your child is between the ages of 4-8, you’ll most likely want to go with our kids small size option, which includes both clear and amber blue light glasses options. If your child is a bit older between the ages of 9-13, our kids large could fit them a bit better – this size also includes both clear and amber lenses to choose from.

Either way, this is going to depend on how big your child’s head is and what face shape they have. In addition to different sizing options for these age ranges, you’ll be able to select both prescription and non-prescription options that limit blue light exposure. Currently, we don’t stock sunglasses for kids.