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Kids glasses—online prescription & frames

Kids today have access to more screens than ever before. No longer is a child’s only technology access throughout the day listening to a CD on a walkman for a bit. Now, it is streaming music through your phone while surfing the internet on your laptop while your little brother plays games on the iPad next to you simultaneously. This generation is growing up very differently than how many generations before because of the increased presence of technology in their everyday lives. The world has shifted dramatically so that screens are present in their normal life through school and at home. 94% of children have access to computers in their own home. Kids as young as elementary school are using cell phones regularly. This means that there is the possibility for unlimited screen time all day long. This increased exposure to screens and, in turn, Blue Light can impact a child in many ways, especially through their eyes. Now, the world is only growing more and more digital by the day, so it is important to get ahead of it. This can be done by supplying your child with Felix Gray glasses for kids

How to buy kids glasses online?

Here at Felix Gray, we strive to give you the best experience possible when purchasing your child’s glasses. We understand that life is busy, which is why we work hard to make it fast and easy to shop for kids glasses online. Our site makes it simple to order kids glasses online and view different frame and color options. Our goal is to help you and your child find the perfect pair of specs. We offer a 30-day risk-free return policy on all of our products including our eyeglasses for kids which includes free shipping, free returns, and exchanges. This will give your son or daughter the option to try out their new kids glasses frames and make sure they’re the perfect ones. Please feel free to contact our Customer Experience Team by email, chat, phone, or Facebook messenger should you encounter any questions along the way.

What types of kids glasses do you offer?

We offer two types of kids glasses in our collection: kids' optical glasses and kids' sleep glasses, which are both available in non-prescription and prescription options. Both of our kids' optical glasses and sleep glasses feature our proprietary Blue Light filtering technology and Anti-Reflective coating to help create a more comfortable experience in front of screens. During the checkout process, you can select the lens type, choose between our non-prescription and prescription options, and then add the desired glasses frames for kids into your cart. If you select kids prescription glasses, you can simply upload your child’s prescription from their doctor at checkout or send the prescription to our Customer Experience Team after purchasing the glasses.

What materials are your kids glasses made from?

Kids will be kids and our kids eyeglasses ensure that they still can be without the worry for parents. That’s why we use polycarbonate lenses (the preferred material for kids glasses) since they’re high-impact resistant and durable. We also apply an Anti-Reflective coating to our glasses for kids that eliminates 99% of glare and a scratch-resistant coating. They are set in malleable Italian acetate frames, which both look amazing and can be adjusted to your child’s unique fit. We make kids eyeglasses you and your kids will love!

How to find the right frame style for my child?

When it comes to finding the right glasses style for your daughter or son, it can seem impossible to find a pair that makes them look and feel great. Luckily, we offer multiple frames and color combinations in our eyeglasses for kids so we have something for everyone! One tip is to pick a frame style that is opposite your son or daughter’s face shape. So, for example, if they have a rounder face, it is suggested that they pick a pair of square or rectangle glasses in order to look their best! Or if their head is more oval shaped, both round and square glasses will look great! We offer our kids glasses frames in two sizes: small (for kids ages 4-8) and large (for kids ages 9-13). The kid glasses age ranges should prove true to size, but you can also reference the glasses measurements that are available on the Fit Guide as well as each product page. These measurements can be used to steer you towards the correct fit for your kid’s glasses in addition to the age range guidelines. The glasses frames for kids are adorable and there is a style for every child!

Why should kids glasses filter Blue Light?

Children, just like adults, are around screens more than we’d probably like to admit. Research shows that, on average, kids under the age of 8 spend more than 2 hours a day on digital devices. Furthermore, kids ages 8-10 spend 6 hours a day in front of screens. These statistics show just how frequently kids are being exposed to screens and subsequent Blue Light daily. We understand that less screen time is the ideal situation, but in today’s digital world, it gets to be harder and harder to achieve. Screens are everywhere and anywhere, which is why we now offer our signature Blue Light filtering solution in kid glasses.

Many adults may experience symptoms of Digital Eye Strain (also known as Computer Vision Syndrome) from prolonged screen use, and kids can experience this as well. These symptoms may include dry and tired eyes, headaches, or blurry vision. And, thankfully, Felix Gray’s glasses for children, men, and women are here to help. Felix Gray glasses feature our proprietary Blue Light filtering technology is embedded within the lenses of our non-prescription glasses for children and our kids' prescription glasses and may help to protect your child’s eyes. from screen use. In addition to blocking Blue Light, our kids glasses provide 100% UV protection and eliminate 99% of glare. Our glasses for kids are stylish yet functional with the added light protection for your little one’s eyes.