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10% of sales on specially marked frames will be donated to The Center and Trans Lifeline for Pride Month.


Felix Gray was born in the office

We come from roles in technology and finance that required hours and hours in front of computer screens. We’d leave the office with tired, strained eyes, sometimes headaches, and often blurry vision. While at the office, it often became hard to focus because of these symptoms. Our friends and colleagues had similar sentiments. Everyone wished there was a solution, but nothing existed that people wanted.

Team 1@2x Team 2@2x

We set out on a mission to change that: to make eyes happier in our digital world. We spent the next year talking with those around us and realized that current computer glasses either didn’t work, were poorly designed, or both.

Our goal became clear: to reinvent computer glasses to be beautiful and effective. We worked hard to create a clear lens that could still filter Blue Light well and eliminate glare; and we designed classically inspired frames built from Italian acetate.

When our first batch finally arrived, we (a team of two co-founders at the time) were up all night to ensure the quality of craftsmanship of each frame. But when the morning came, we didn’t launch Felix Gray. Instead, we took our new creation to a wider audience for a final beta that lasted four months. We gave over a thousand employees at twenty-five different companies a free two-week trial period to wear our glasses with the option to purchase at the end. This helped us tweak some final designs, better understand our customer, and ultimately launch our product in May 2016. We had successfully created the pair of computer glasses that people would want.

Team 3@2x

Since then, we’ve grown to tens of thousands of customers. It is humbling to think of how many people get up and wear their Felix Grays every day. But we’re not done. We are always improving because of your feedback, because of your support. Thank you for being part of the FG community, it is awesome to have you.

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