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Find your perfect fit with Blue Light filtering sunglasses

Low Bridge Sunglasses

Find your perfect fit with Blue Light filtering sunglasses

How Blue Light Glasses came to be.

It’s not only important to understand why you should filter Blue Light, but also why Blue Light blocking glasses (also known as computer glasses) were created. According to The Vision Council, a group dedicated to improving vision health, over 80% of Americans spend more than two hours a day on a device that emanates blue light. 67% of this time is spent on more than one device during this time. In our increasingly digital world, lessening time spent in front of screens isn’t easy (or even possible at times.) That’s why Blue Light glasses were specially designed with lenses that filter Blue Light and reduce glare. Both the Vision Council and Dr. Samuel Pierce, president of the American Optometric Association recommend using prescription Blue Light glasses or non-prescription Blue Light glasses to decrease the symptoms related to eye strain caused by digital devices. Whether you’re staring at a computer screen for extended periods of time, or scrolling through social media, catching up with late-night reading on your tablet, Felix Gray’s Blue Light blocking prescription glasses and non-prescription glasses may be just what you need to limit the exposure. Shop blue light and computer glasses today!

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The truth: Blue Light is all around us.

You may not see it, but Blue Light is everywhere, all around us. Emanating from the sun, LED lights, computers, tablets and smartphone screens—Blue Light is virtually inescapable. Unfortunately, too much Blue Light can irritate the eyes (often in the form of Digital Eye Strain) and can disrupt sleep patterns. Blue Light can be okay in appropriate doses and boost alertness, memory, and other cognitive functions. However, too much of it can irritate the eyes and disrupt sleep patterns. Too much of a good thing can be an issue.

How can you reduce the impacts of Blue Light overexposure?

With smartphone, tablet, television, and computer usage becoming a standard part of our daily lives, the risk of overexposure to Blue Light can be a concern. Overexposure to Blue Light can negatively impact your health but you can lessen those adverse effects by following these tips:

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    The best way to prevent any adverse effects from Blue Light is to minimize screen time, especially at night. Avoid using your phone or watching television approximately one hour before you head to bed to prepare your body for the rest it needs.

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    The best Blue Light blocking glasses (also known as anti-Blue Light glasses, Blue Light blocker glasses, or Blue Light protection glasses) filter out Blue Light, reducing conditions like eye fatigue, dry eyes, and eye strain.

  • 3

    Do your best to keep room lighting levels consistent when using electronic devices. Bouncing from a bright screen to an area of the room that is darker causes eye fatigue.

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    Electronics nowadays have options to dim and shift the wavelengths from blue to red during nighttime. Certain manufacturers are also offering light bulbs that emit less Blue Light as dusk approaches.

Why Felix Gray?

We know first hand that electronic devices are a necessity, and sometimes inevitable, part of our working, social, and personal lives. That’s why, at Felix Gray, we offer the hardest-working blue blocking glasses for the hardest-working individuals. You also don’t need a prescription to wear our Blue Light glasses for computer use. We sell blue blocker prescription glasses (sometimes called blue prescription glasses), non-prescription glasses, and readers glasses. We offer a variety of stylish computer glasses, sunglasses, and sleep glasses. Take advantage of free shipping and a 30-day risk-free return policy with our blue lens glasses to ensure you are completely satisfied. Shop our Blue Light blue blocking lenses now or, If you’d like to learn more about any of our digital eyewear products, contact us by email.