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Amber Sleep Glasses

What are sleep glasses or amber glasses?

Sleep glasses (sometimes referred to as amber glasses) have lenses specifically designed to block Blue Light and may help you get a better night’s rest. You might know that exposure to Blue Light could impact your eyes during the day and cause Digital Eye Strain (also known as Computer Vision Syndrome). You might not realize that Blue Light could also impact our sleep. In fact, Blue Light directly controls our circadian rhythm (or “sleep wake cycle”) and significantly suppresses melatonin (our body’s natural sleep hormone). Melatonin imbalance could result in trouble falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, and feeling tired in the morning. Felix Gray’s clinically tested sleep glasses specifically target the range of Blue Light that impacts melatonin secretion to help improve the quality of your rest.

“I took off the glasses and waited for sleep to gently wash over me—and shockingly, it did.”
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How are Felix Gray sleep glasses different than traditional amber glasses?

Felix Gray’s sleep lenses are a more enhanced version of our virtually clear lenses, and specifically target the range of Blue Light that impacts melatonin levels (440-500 nm wavelengths). Unlike existing sleeping glasses that make you look through heavy amber tinted glasses, Felix Gray’s sleep lenses allow you to see true color despite the lens tint. Not only do traditional amber color glasses often look like orange glasses (and let’s be real, sometimes even orange goggles), but they also completely distort your color perception. Felix Gray’s sleep glasses on the other hand, allow you to still watch TV, work on your computer, and go about your evening with minimal color distortion. Think about it, would you prefer to wear orange tinted glasses or Felix Gray’s sleep glasses?

How are sleep glasses different than regular Blue Light filtering glasses?

Since Blue Light may impact us differently at different times of the day, we need to wear the right lens at the right time. That’s why we leverage the technology used in our virtually clear glasses to create our enhanced sleep glasses (with subtle yellow lenses). Some studies suggest that exposure to harmful Blue Light may lead to age-related macular degeneration, and others call out how Blue Light may have a negative effect on our circadian rhythm and impact our sleep.

Here at Felix Gray we offer both our virtually clear eyeglasses and our Blue Light blocking glasses for sleep. Both glasses have Blue Light filtering technology embedded within the lenses, a premium Anti-Reflective coating to reduce glare and block 100% UV light. Our virtually clear lenses may help to reduce Digital Eye Strain (or Computer Vision Syndrome) which includes symptoms like: eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches. On the other hand, amber glasses for sleep may act as a natural sleep aid and specifically target the Blue Light sleep range (440-500 nm wavelengths), which helps increase melatonin production without relying on sleeping pills.

When to wear your sleep glasses?

We recommend wearing your Felix Gray sleep glasses when you get home at night (or when the sun goes down) for the hours before bed. The longer you wear your amber glasses, the more effective they may be in assisting you with a better night’s sleep. If you’re able to wear them for at least three to four hours before bed they could work even better to filter Blue Light exposure and increase your melatonin levels. Sleep glasses will help filter emitted Blue Light from light bulbs, LED lights, artificial light, screens, smartphones, tablets, and electronic devices and will let your body know you’re ready to fall asleep. If you want to increase your sleep quality we recommend dimming lights so it’s more comfortable on your eyes and try and avoid looking at bright screens completely in the dark (as this may put strain on your eyes).

How to incorporate sleep glasses into your nightly routine?

Adding sleep glasses (or amber glasses) to your evening routine may be an important way to improve your rest. Getting sufficient sleep is important for the overall health of your body and for positive sleep patterns. That’s why in addition to wearing sleep glasses, there are a number of other factors you should consider for your bedtime routine if you want better sleep.

  • Limit caffeine and night time snacking in the evenings
  • Decompress and opt for ambient light to relax instead of bright light
  • Create to-do lists to unwind and clear your head
  • Turn down the heat and sleep in a cooler room

How to buy sleep glasses online?

We at Felix Gray offer a range of sleep glasses, virtually clear eyewear, and polarized sunglasses. All of our products can be purchased directly through our website. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible to buy sleep glasses online and select a pair of glasses. All of our products filter Blue Light to make your eyes happy! We offer our virtually clear glasses and sleep lenses in non-prescription glasses, prescription glasses, and reading glasses. We also use premium Blue Light filtering lenses set in high-quality malleable Italian acetate and German engineered metal frames.

If you’re trying to decide which frame style and color would be best for you, make sure to read through our Fit Guide to see a breakdown of the different styles and recommendations. You can even check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts to see new colors and additional photos of people wearing our glasses as well. We offer free shipping and returns and if you have any questions you can contact our Customer Experience team via email at [email protected].