How to Adjust Plastic Glasses: An Easy Guide

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Glasses can sometimes feel like they have lost their snug fit. With 164 million Americans wearing glasses, misaligned frames are a common problem. There are several reasons why this might happen, including your glasses becoming older.

Adjusting plastic glasses can be done at home, but you may also need to take them to a professional. Working out how to tighten glasses can make your eyeglasses more comfortable.

Here’s how to adjust plastic glasses for more comfort.

Why You May Need to Adjust Your Glasses

Misalignment is the most common reason you may need to work out how to adjust plastic glasses frames. This problem happens due to bumping your glasses or dropping them.

Another reason you may need to know how to adjust plastic eyeglass frames is heat deformation. If your glasses are left out in the sun, the heat can warm the frames. Note that deformation can occur simply due to wearing the same pair of glasses for a long time.

Many people also need to know how to tighten plastic frame glasses right after purchase. Your glasses should be molded to your face, but purchasing a pair right off the shelf may require adjustments to feel just right.

Knowing how to adjust plastic glasses is a valuable skill to have. But there are differences between different frame materials you need to know about.

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Adjusting Plastic vs. Metal Frames

Metal frames are typically more pliable. It makes them easier to adjust because you can bend the glasses frame without additional tools. Unfortunately, metal wire frames are more likely to need more regular adjustments.

On the other hand, plastic frames typically need to be heated before they become flexible enough to adjust. Thankfully, figuring out how to adjust plastic frames is relatively simple. Running them under hot water for 30 seconds can heat them enough to make minor adjustments.

Understand that making significant adjustments to plastic frames typically requires the help of a professional. In some cases, you may even need to purchase new glasses. Significant bends can lead to glasses snapping.

At Felix Gray, we make our glasses from malleable Italian acetate, so they are easy to adjust.

How to Tighten Plastic Glasses

Knowing how to tighten glasses with plastic frames can prevent more significant problems from developing. Adjusting plastic frame glasses can be done at home and with just a few seconds of your time.

In most cases, you do not even need to add heat. Simply wear your glasses and press the frames into your temples with the pads of your fingers. You will notice the difference immediately.

How to Adjust Plastic Glasses at Home

Do you need to know how to bend plastic glasses and overcome the most common problems associated with wearing eyeglasses?

Here are five methods for how to bend glasses frames safely at home.

Crooked Glasses

Here’s how to bend plastic eyeglass frames if your glasses are out of alignment on a single side. Find the arm which is lower than the other and gently bend where the arm’s hinge is. You can also find where the arm bends around your ear and apply pressure there.

Glasses that Pinch

Knowing how to adjust plastic frame spectacles when they are pinching your nose can dramatically increase your quality of life. Constant pinching of the nose is uncomfortable and can lead to headaches and even migraines.

As previously noted, with plastic frames, the issue has to do with the arms of your glasses. Apply upward and outward pressure using the ends of the arms. Keep trying on your glasses until you get a more relaxed fit.

This option for how to adjust plastic frame glasses may not always work. If you fail to get any relief, you will need to consider visiting a professional for help. Your glasses may simply be the wrong size.

Sliding Glasses

Nothing is more frustrating than constantly needing to push your glasses up your nose. While some glasses wearers only experience this when engaging in exercise, you might find that the act of bending your head forward is forcing your glasses to slide down your face.

If your glasses keep sliding down your face, you can solve this problem at home by knowing how to tighten plastic glasses.

Apply downward, inward pressure to the ends of the arms. The goal of this method of how to tighten eyeglasses is to make them fit better behind the ear. By tightening the overall fit at this point, you can prevent slipping.

You will likely find that summertime is primarily when your glasses begin slipping down your nose. This is an issue caused by heat deformation. If you like to spend a lot of time soaking up the sunshine, this method for adjusting your glasses is a lifesaver.

Tight Arms

Do the arms of your glasses feel like they are constricting your head? These problems can eventually lead to headaches if not resolved quickly.

Take the segment where the arm connects to the hinge and press them outwards and slightly upwards. When dealing with extreme tightness, move gradually as plastic frames can be brittle.

One Lens Closer than the Other

Sometimes, you might find that one lens is closer than the other. This can result from the glasses being dropped or bumped at some stage. While you may not notice the immediate problem, it can eventually impact your vision.

For example, if you need to know how to adjust eyeglasses when the left lens is closer than the right, start by bending the left temple arm in while also moving the right temple arm out at the hinge.

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When to Take Glasses to a Professional

You may need to visit a professional optometrist if your glasses are particularly bent or crooked. Try bending them at home, but you will need to visit a professional if this fails to work.

Never attempt to force a pair of glasses to bend. Plastic is brittle and can still snap, even after being heated up. If there’s any doubt, bring them to a professional. Knowing how to adjust plastic glasses safely can save you many headaches going forward.

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