Latest Glasses Trends 2024: What Glasses Are In Style For Men and Women Right Now?

Latest Glasses Trends 2024

As we step into 2024, the world of eyewear is buzzing with diverse and exciting men’s and women’s glasses trends, setting the pace for style enthusiasts. So, what glasses are in style – and where can you find these styles to stay ahead of teh trends rather than chasing them?

From the understated elegance of quiet luxury fashion to the bold statements of Y2K-inspired frames and the geometric intrigue of hexagonal shapes, the latest glasses trends of 2024 are all about making a personal style statement. We’re here to break it down and empower you to look your best and see clearly when you step outside.

At Felix Gray, we offer a curated collection of blue light blocking glasses that marries the very best of practicality and panache. Whether you’re drawn to retro glasses, athleisure eyewear, or tinted sunglasses, our range includes something for every taste. We’ll cover these and other eye glasses trends below!

What Glasses Are In Style For Men and Women Right Now?

So, what glasses are in style right now in 2024? There is so much noise in the fashion industry that it can get overwhelming trying to spot the eye glasses trends that will last. 

We’ve done the hard work of talking to experts and getting our finger on the pulse of the latest glasses styles. Discover the 15 most exciting men’s and women’s glasses trends in 2024 below!

Quiet Luxury Fashion

Quiet luxury fashion in eyewear is all about understated elegance and refined simplicity. These frames are characterized by sleek designs, high-quality materials, and subtle detailing.

This style is gaining traction as a response to the overtly flashy trends of previous years. It appeals to those seeking sophistication without the loud statements, embodying a timeless and classic aesthetic.

Y2K-Inspired Glasses

Y2K-inspired glasses hark back to the early 2000s, featuring bold colors, unusual shapes, and often a hint of bling. Think metallic finishes, tinted lenses, and experimental designs.

The resurgence of Y2K fashion is driven by nostalgia and a renewed interest in turn-of-the-century pop culture. These glasses are popular among those looking to make a playful and bold fashion statement.

Preppy Frames

Preppy frames are inspired by the classic, Ivy League style. They often feature traditional shapes, like round or rectangular, in materials like tortoiseshell or matte metal.

As vintage collegiate looks come back into vogue, preppy frames have seen a resurgence. They appeal to those seeking a smart, clean-cut appearance that balances between casual and formal.

Retro Glasses

Retro glasses take things even a step further than the Y2K eye glasses trend, as these encompass styles from the ’70s and ’80s. That includes aviators, oversized frames, and unique geometric shapes. They often include bold colors and patterns.

The appeal of retro glasses lies in their ability to add a touch of vintage charm and personality to modern outfits. They’re popular for their ability to make a statement while paying homage to classic eyewear trends.

Maximalist Glasses

Maximalist glasses defy subtlety, featuring bold shapes, vibrant colors, and often extravagant embellishments. They’re about embracing excess and making eyewear the centerpiece of an outfit.

In contrast to minimalist trends, this eye glasses trend caters to those who love to stand out. It aligns with the broader fashion movement towards individual expression and breaking the mold.

Minimalist Glasses

Then we have the other end of the spectrum: minimalist glasses. These are characterized by their clean lines, simple shapes, and often monochromatic color schemes. They focus on functionality and understated design rather than ornate details.

In a world often overwhelmed by excess, minimalist glasses offer a breath of fresh air. They appeal to those who prefer a sleek, modern look that complements any outfit without overpowering it. This trend is part of a larger movement towards simplicity and sustainability in fashion.

Color Gradients in Frames

Glasses with color gradients feature frames that seamlessly transition from one color to another, creating a unique and visually appealing effect.

These frames bring a creative and artistic element to eyewear. The gradient effect adds depth and dimension, making it a fashionable choice for those looking to add a hint of color and personality to their look without going overboard.

Clear Frames

in style glasses

Transparent frames, made from clear or lightly tinted materials, are versatile and subtly stylish. They can range from completely clear to soft hues.

These frames are gaining traction for their ability to blend seamlessly with various styles and facial features. They’re particularly favored by those who want their glasses to complement rather than dominate their facial features.

High-Tech Luxury

High-tech luxury in eyewear refers to the integration of advanced materials and technology in glasses design, offering enhanced comfort, durability, and style. This is one of the eye glasses trends that we expect to see more and more of in each coming year.

As technology becomes more integrated into fashion, consumers are looking for eyewear that not only looks good but also incorporates the latest advancements. This trend caters to a growing desire for glasses that are as functional as they are fashionable.

Athleisure Eyewear

Athleisure eyewear combines the practicality of sports glasses with the style of everyday wear. These frames are typically durable, flexible, and come with features like grippy nose pads and lightweight materials.

Reflecting the overall trend of athleisure in fashion, these glasses cater to active lifestyles, offering comfort and functionality for both athletic and casual settings. They’re perfect for those who want a pair of glasses that can keep up with a dynamic, on-the-go lifestyle.

Shield Eyewear

Shield eyewear is characterized by its large, single-lens design. This is one of our favorite eye glasses trends because it offers a seamless and expansive view for the wearer. These glasses were originally sport-centric, but they’ve transitioned into the fashion realm, blending functionality with a bold aesthetic.

The popularity of shield eyewear is fueled by a desire for both comprehensive eye protection and a statement-making look. The seamless design not only provides extensive coverage from environmental elements but also stands out as a fashion-forward accessory.

Oversized Square Frames

Next up on our list of the latest women’s and men’s glasses trends in 2024 is the unique oversized square frames style. These are known for their bold, angular lines and large lenses, offering a striking and trendy look.

This style is part of the maximalist trend, appealing to those who want their eyewear to be a focal point of their ensemble. Oversized square frames suit a variety of face shapes, making them a versatile choice for adding drama and personality to any outfit.

Hexagonal Shapes

Hexagonal frames bring a geometric twist to traditional eyewear shapes. These frames, with their six-sided design, offer a unique, modern aesthetic.

The rise of this style is a nod to a growing interest in unconventional and avant-garde fashion. They cater to those looking to infuse a contemporary and artistic element into their style.

Tinted Sunglasses

Image of brown round amber eyeglasses

Tinted glasses feature lenses in various hues, ranging from subtly soft to vibrantly bold. These glasses not only protect the eyes but also add a colorful accent to your look. That’s why they’re one of the hottest women’s and men’s glasses trends.

This trend also reflects a broader cultural shift towards more expressive and personalized fashion. They offer a playful way to see the world through a different lens, literally and figuratively, and are especially popular in sunny climates or as a statement piece.

Flat Top Frames

Last but not least on our list of the latest eyeglass styles is flat top frames. These are distinguished by a straight line across the top, often combined with oversized lenses. They merge retro and modern styles for a distinctive look.

Flat top frames have gained traction as a contemporary reinterpretation of classic styles. This design appeals to those who appreciate a blend of vintage charm with a modern twist, offering a sophisticated yet edgy aesthetic.

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Latest Eyeglass Styles

Each of these men’s and women’s glasses trends caters to a wide array of fashion sensibilities, underscoring the diverse ways in which eyewear can enhance and express personal style. 

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There are many more where these came from, whether you’re looking for reading glasses for computer, anti-glare blue light glasses, or sunglasses.

So, step into a world where your digital health is as important as your style. Now that you know what glasses are in style, choose a pair that does more than just accessorize – it protects, enhances, and empowers your digital life!

Bringing Our Conversation on What Eyeglass Frames Are Currently In Style to a Close

That just about does it for our conversation on what glasses are in style heading into 2024. As you can see, there are so many unique men’s and women’s glasses trends to keep up with – but we hope this guide has left you with complete clarity (pun intended).

From the understated elegance of minimalist designs to the bold statements of maximalist frames, and the innovative charm of high-tech luxury to the practicality of athleisure eyewear, there’s a style for every preference and need. The latest glasses trends in 2024 will likely continue to evolve as this year plays out.

Learn more about the world of eyeglasses in our blog. We have resources to help you navigate the glasses prescription expiration by state, or learn how to fix broken glasses. Or, maybe you’re wondering what are reading glasses? Remember – our customer support team is always available to answer your questions as well.

Whether you’re looking for unprescribed glasses or you have a prescription, Felix Gray has your new favorite frames backed by our innovative lens technology. Learn more over on our website today – or order your next pair and experience the difference firsthand as stay ahead of the latest glasses trends!