How to Fix Broken Glasses

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Those of us with glasses know exactly how inconvenient broken glasses can be. Whether it’s from dropping them on the floor, accidentally stepping on them, or perhaps having them broken during sports, a set of broken glasses can significantly limit your vision.

Depending on the severity of your broken frames, you may be able to salvage them through some tips and tricks. This article will go through various ways on how to fix broken glasses or how to fix broken sunglasses. We’ll explore different scenarios, such as how to fix broken glasses arm, broken frame, and broken nose pads. You’ll also understand what you should never do, and when your glasses can’t be fixed.

What you should never do

Before we begin, if you purchased Felix Gray glasses, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team directly with any questions you have about fixing glasses before trying anything drastic at home.

Let’s say your frame breaks, but your lenses are still fine. As you try and figure out the best ways on how to fix broken glasses, consider this: never try to fit your lenses on a new set of frames.

The reason is this, your lenses were designed specifically for your frames. The optical center of your lenses needs to line up exactly with your pupil to avoid eye strain and fatigue. Your vision can also be limited by attempting to retrofit your lenses into a new set of frames. This is especially true of progressive glasses. Without accurate measurements, it is literally impossible to reuse progressive lenses due to the advanced multifocal design of this type of glasses.

If the frame around the lens breaks

It’s not uncommon for the frame around the lens to break, especially the bridge. If you’re wondering how to fix broken glasses frames made out of metal, you’re out of luck. Metal eyeglasses typically require welding, which may be best suited for a well-equipped eyeglass shop.

With plastic frames, you sometimes have a little more leeway in home-based solutions. Here is one method on how to fix broken plastic glasses frames utilizing bonding glue:

1. Clean off the damaged areas to ensure no dust or particles are present.
2. Cover your lenses with wax paper to avoid spilling glue on them.
3. Apply bonding glue on the two pieces that are to be glued together.
4. Hold the two pieces together for at least a minute.
5. Put down the glasses and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

Be cautious when using bonding glue to repair broken glasses. It can be extremely difficult to remove the glue if it accidentally gets onto your lenses. Using glue can also void any warranty it may have come with. If in doubt, bring it into an optical store or reach out to your original glasses provider.

If the arm breaks

Over time, the arm of your glasses may break or fall off due to excess wear and tear. Generally, this is due to the hinge screw, holding the arm and frame together, falling out. There are two methods on how to fix broken plastic glasses arms:

1. Eyeglass repair kit:

Eyeglass repair kits can be bought at your local optometrist, drugstore, or supermarket. These kits come with spare screws, screwdriver, nose pads, and a magnifier.

Simply replace the lost screw with a spare screw within the kit. It can be a good idea to replace your hinge screw to keep the connection as strong as possible if you’re having issues with your glasses. 

2. Toothpick:

While we do not recommend this as your first option, some people have tried this method that utilizes a toothpick to hold the arm in place, instead of a screw. All you need to do is stick the toothpick where the screw would go and then trim off any excess toothpick.Toothpick:

As a reminder, we always recommend consulting the company where you purchased your glasses first before trying at home methods.

If the nose pads break

Fixing broken nose pads is a relatively straightforward process. Nose pads are held together by small nose pad screws for most glasses. It’s not uncommon for these pads to sometimes become loose or break as time goes by.

To replace a loose or broken nose pad, use a nose pad screwdriver from an eyeglass repair kit to loosen the screw. Remove the damaged nose pad and replace it with new nose pads. Your eyeglass repair kit should contain spare nose pads. You can also pick up nose pads from an optical store.

When it can’t be fixed

There may be times when your glasses are so damaged that it’s beyond repairs. For example, if your plastic frames are broken in multiple locations, no amount of glue will be able to hold it in place. It may be wise just to purchase a new set of frames in this case.

Likewise, if your lenses are cracked, or worse, shattered, there’s no way to salvage your glasses. Cracked lenses not only limit your vision but are hazardous as broken pieces of glass may get into your eyes. You can get away with fixing simple scratches, but you’ll need to replace cracked or damaged lenses.

If you’ve gone through all the methods on how to fix broken glasses, but yet have no success, bring it into a qualified lab, optical store, or glasses provider. Alternatively, you may just have to bite the bullet and order an entirely new set of glasses if the damage is severe.

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While there are certainly solutions out there on how to fix a broken glasses frame, often, it’s easier (and in some cases more affordable) to order a new replacement. For those looking for replacements, Felix Gray offers beautiful eyeglasses with cutting edge lens technology for adults and kids alike.

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