The Oversized Glasses Trend

Man and women wearing Felix Gray's Volta oversized glasses with their phones

It seems that it was Jackie Kennedy who started the oversized glasses trend. Large frames have a way of making eyes look larger and more expressive. This look has been used by celebrities and others who want to either hide their identities or increase their cool factor. David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, and Jennifer Anniston have all made oversized glasses look great. But the look has easily made its way from celebrities into daily fashion. Here’s how you can make the most of the oversized glasses trend.

There are a number of reasons why big glasses are trending right now. As always, much of the popularity is being driven by celebrities who are embracing the trend. But there are also some reasons why oversize glasses are popular.

In the past, glasses, in general, were seen on both men and women as indications of shyness, uncertainty, and maybe even weakness. That’s changed — glasses now are seen as a mark of intelligence, consideration, scholarship, and industriousness. It doesn’t matter if they are oversized women’s glasses or men’s eyewear: for both men and women, large frames add a smart, savvy look to your personal style.

Oversize glasses magnify this. Oversized eyeglass frames communicate honesty, diligence, warmth, and kindness. They also project a great sense of intellect. Finally, they center and highlight your eyes, making them look great!

Felix Gray's Volta oversized glasses in Sazerac and Black
Felix Gray’s oversized volta glasses.

How to choose the right pair of glasses

When shopping for a new pair of glasses, first make sure you’re getting your frames from a great brand. You’ll want to consider the materials used, how much care is put into the design, and what features are offered to protect your eyes from factors like glare and Blue Light. At Felix Gray, we offer the best in Blue Light filtering glasses and use high-quality materials like Italian acetate and German engineered metal. As far as care and quality go, have a look at our reviews — we think they speak for themselves.

Oversize eyeglass frames look great on anyone, no matter your face shape. Oversize glasses also provide more protection from the sun if they are appropriately tinted.

When selecting oversize eyeglass frames, it’s important to remember the three measurements for frames: lens width, bridge width, and arm length. “Bridge width” refers to the bridge of one’s nose. Oversized eyeglass lenses will often be greater in width than 52 mm, although this can vary. When looking into oversized glasses frames and lenses, check with your optometrist for more information.

When selecting a pair of oversized prescription glasses, there are a few points to keep in mind to find the best fit:

  • You can see your eyebrows: The glasses shouldn’t be so large that they overwhelm your face.
  • They don’t touch your cheeks: This is a good indicator of the width of the lenses. If the glasses rest on your face comfortably without pushing into your cheekbones, you’re good.
  • Comfortable weight: Make sure that the frames don’t feel too heavy on your face.
  • Arm length: Make sure that the arms are comfortable on your ears, and not too short.

How to style oversized glasses

Oversized glasses are versatile and fashionable, offering countless different styling options for both men and women. In a professional setting, oversized glasses are a bold statement that commands attention and respect: they’re the perfect final touch to complete your power suit or pencil skirt look; as essential to the outfit as a pair of shiny, polished shoes.

Tortoise shell and warm brown-toned frames style perfectly with earthy hues and shades of blue. The softer color of brown or tortoise shell glasses create a sense of cohesion and unity with shades of brown or green in your outfit.

Black glasses frames, on the other hand, bring simplicity and balance to looks that include bold patterns and bright colors. Because of the more striking shade, black frames draw attention towards your face and eyes. While this creates a sense of balance in colorful outfits, it can also add an intriguing sense of contrast to styles that tend more towards neutrals and muted tones.

Felix Gray’s oversized glasses

Felix Gray Jemison oversized eyeglasses in Black

The Jemison

If you’re looking for a square frame to complement a bold style with a vintage-inspired feel, you might want to try out our Jemison frame. Inspired by the fashion of the 50s, these frames are available in both traditional black, for a striking and retro Buddy Holly-esque look, or in whiskey tortoise for a vintage academic vibe. Either way, the oversized Jemison frame is flattering and sure to impress.

Felix Gray Volta oversized eyeglasses in Sazerac

The Volta

For a strong and sophisticated modern look, these square Volta frames with slightly rounded edges offer a staple choice that will draw attention to your eyes and go with any style. Available in Sazerac for those who prefer to wear warmer tones, or in black for those who stick to classic and timeless fashion statements.

Living large and seeing the big picture

Oversized glasses are a fun trend that lets you show your big personality to the world. The two styles above are just an example of what we have to offer. Check out more great styles in oversize glasses and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!