How to Clean Glasses

Woman holding a pair of glasses sitting at a table with a laptop

Buying high-quality glasses like Felix Gray’s blue-blocking glasses should be an investment, so naturally, you want to make sure that you take care of them and maintain them properly. And an integral part of the process is making sure that you maintain clean eyeglasses and use the right glasses cleaner appropriate for your situation. However, cleaning eyeglasses isn’t as straightforward as it may seem—although most people imagine that they already know how to clean glasses, some end up making crucial mistakes that can cause permanent damage. So, let’s explore the best way to clean eyeglasses and also look at what approaches you should avoid at all costs.

How to Clean Your Glasses

If you talked with your friends or family, you’d likely hear quite a few different takes on how to clean glasses the right way and which methods work best. However, the truth is, just because there are many different opinions on how to clean eyeglasses doesn’t mean that all of them are equally valid.

So, which approach is the most reliable? Well, the truth is, there is a straightforward approach that has been proven to be the best way to clean glasses of all types, prescription glasses and sunglasses included, which is all that you need to ensure that your glasses serve you for a long time. First off, rinse off any residue or dust from the glasses with lukewarm water. Avoid using very cold or very hot water, as that can cause damage to some types of lenses, even though that isn’t very likely.

Then, you should use dishwashing liquid or a lotion-free soap to gently rub any more persistent debris from the lens or frame; you can use a microfiber cloth if you feel like it’s necessary to clean glasses properly. Once you wash off your glasses with dish soap, you should use a dry microfiber cloth (like the one that comes with every pair of Felix Grays) to dry off your glasses gently. If you use a microfiber cloth, you can be sure that your glasses will be cleaned safely and will be spotless once you’re finished.

For everyday cleaning from dust or debris, you can use a specialized cloth to ensure that you don’t cause any damage through long-term use. If you follow these steps, you can be sure that your glasses will not only be clean and look great but will also remain scratch-free for as long as you use them carefully. Unfortunately, not all people know this simple yet incredibly effective cleaning method and opt for methods that can cause permanent damage to glasses even after just one use.

What NOT to Do

Even though the method for cleaning glasses is quite simple, there are far more complicated and damaging wrong methods that, unfortunately, are used by less informed glasses owners.

Let’s go through some of the most common wrong cleaning methods so that you can avoid them.

1. Cleaning with glasses with your shirt or other regular cloth.

Although wiping off your glasses with your shirt may seem reasonable, the debris and fibers it is likely to leave will likely make your glasses dirtier than they were before.

2. Using household cleaning supplies.

Some people make the mistake of presuming that a glass cleaner or other industrial cleaners will do an extra good job of removing debris. In reality, they can often cause permanent damage to the glass or Anti-Reflective coating.

3. Using towels or regular tissues.

The lenses of glasses are extremely sensitive, so even rougher cloth can cause small scratches and remove a protective layer from the lens.

4. Trying to remove scratches yourself.

Some people try to save some money by attempting to remove scratches on their own, but without special equipment, you will only end up causing more damage and may ruin your glasses beyond repair.

How to Make Them Last—Storage & Care Tips

While knowing how to clean glasses properly can help prolong their life, the biggest risks to your glasses are posed by everyday use. Namely, there are a few seemingly innocent storage and care mistakes that can cause damage very quickly, so you must know them if you want your glasses to last.

First off, avoid leaving your glasses on the bathroom counter, where they could be exposed to beauty or hair care products (such as hair spray), which can cause damage even from a short exposure. Secondly, avoid leaving them in extremely low or high temperatures—even a few hours in a car on a hot sunny day can cause permanent damage to both the frame and the lens coating, so it’s better to have the glasses with you. Finally, when possible, try to keep your glasses in a case where they will be protected from scratches or falls that may destroy them in an instant.

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