Fake Glasses: Everything You Need to Know About the Trend

Woman crossing the street with phone wearing Felix Gray blue light glasses

Wearing fake glasses has never been more popular. The fake glasses trend is exactly what it sounds like: folks who don’t need corrective lenses are donning eyewear as a fashion accessory and making a bold style statement.

The trend of glasses as accessories isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Read on as we get into all the details about where the trend originates, how you can take advantage of it for fashion and fun, and how fake glasses can even keep your eyes healthy.

Fake Eyewear: Where does the trend come from?

Fake glasses have been around for as long as there have been prescription glasses. As far as fashion is concerned, fake glasses have been trending since around 2010. Fashion eyewear has followed a similar trajectory as wristwatches: they are accessories that once fulfilled a utility function, but now are an expression of fashion and personal style.

Much of the current energy in glasses with fake lenses come from the advertising and promotion of designer eyewear. During fashion week, fashion eyewear shows take up a significant amount of runway distance, with entire shows for women’s fake glasses dominating the runway.

Depending on the style you select, a pair of fake reading glasses can make you look smart, cool, hardworking, industrious, mindful, and honest. Fake glasses are a great way to express your individuality and your personal style, adding a unique final touch to your look. Fake glasses for women and for men are a top fashion consideration.

Man wearing Felix Gray blue light glasses with phone sitting on a table

Fake glasses and fashion

Nearly all fashion houses have eyewear lines. For people who don’t have prescriptions, it’s still easy to get prescription-free lenses with stylish tints or bold frames. Fake fashion glasses are a serious fashion business. With notable designers and fashion icons throughout the ages sporting lenses (think Iris Apfel, costume designer Edith Head, and celebrities like Diane Keaton and Justin Timberlake just to name a few), it makes sense that fashion-forward people would want to take advantage of similar designs. Fake stylish glasses can also be a symbol of status and wealth if you’re wearing a big-name designer. Even comic book superheroes like Superman know how to rock fake glasses that look real. Cool fake glasses are versatile and full of personality—the perfect addition to your style.

How to find the right pair of fake eyeglasses

As with prescription lenses, truly fashionable fake glasses are an investment. Glasses are a long-lasting fashion accessory, comparable to jewelry or the aforementioned wristwatch. And as with any timeless fashion item, you’ll want to take the time to look for the style and fit that is most flattering to your face shape and personal style, so that you can make the most of your investment. It also might be helpful to read online reviews, blog articles, and styling tips to help you choose the best glasses for your personality.

In terms of quality, things to look for are materials used and additional features, such as Blue Light filtration, tints, durability, and other design nuances. Your face and eyes are worth the care and investment.

Brown Felix Gray Turning frames in Horn

The benefits of wearing glasses with fake lenses

Aside from looking great and being fashion-forward, wearing fake lenses can be a smart move for protecting your eyes and keeping your vision at its peak. Fake glasses have several benefits that go beyond conventional vision care and fashion. These benefits can also apply to prescription glasses.

Blue Light protection

At Felix Gray, all of our non-prescription glasses are also Blue Light glasses. According to some studies, Blue Light (as often emitted from LEDs, cell phones, computer screens, and the like) may potentially be linked to Digital Eye Strain (think: headaches, blurred vision, eye fatigue).

Blue Light glasses can help filter high-energy Blue Light wavelengths. This is particularly important for people who spend a lot of time working in front of a computer screen, even if they currently do not need prescription lenses. At Felix Gray, we filter 15x more Blue Light at the peak screen emittance than other brands.

UVA/UVB protection

UVA and UVB protection options are other key features to look for in your non-prescription lenses. This is especially important in sunglasses. UVA/UVB exposure may contribute to cataracts and other forms of eye issues, so using fake glasses offering this type of protection is a sought-after feature.

Blue Light filtering—a smart excuse to wear glasses

With the Blue Light filtration that non-prescription lenses can offer, you can look great and keep your eyes feeling great all at once. You now have your smart excuse to wear your new favorite fake fashion glasses. Check out Felix Gray’s great selection of eyewear styles now and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.