How to Find the Best Glasses for a Round Face

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When buying a new set of glasses, it’s natural to want to look one’s best. It can be difficult to match up the most attractive frames with a particular kind of face shape, but we’re here to help! Today we’ll talk about the best glasses for a round face shape. There are plenty of great eyeglass frames out there for everyone, and we’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to make your choice when you shop either in person or online for a new set of eyeglass frames. Armed with these tips, you’ll be able to walk away with a stylish pair of frames that heightens your already great features.

How to Identify a Round Shaped Face

Round shape faces are very common and can be found on a variety of people. Generally, folks with round faces have full cheeks and softer angles to their cheekbones and jaws. In a round face, the forehead at the hairline is typically rounded, as is the jawline. People with round faces have slightly wider cheekbones than other face shapes and have equally as wide foreheads and jaws. People who have round faces also tend to have equal length and width to their faces. Think: Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis, and Elijah Wood.

What are the Best Glasses for a Round Face?

There is no one type of glasses that best fit a round face, but attractive glasses for a round face often aim to offset the soft angles and curves found in a round face to create contrast. The glasses shape for round face types should use hard angles to accentuate and sharpen your softer features. Generally, round face glasses styles should avoid large round frames, and go for smaller, more angular frame types.

Here are some examples:

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Geometric Frames

Geometric frames are great because they add distinct lines to your features and create a balance between facial elements. With sharp angles and strong lines, they accentuate the equality of length and width in a round face and draw attention to your best features. As a bonus, they’re also very on-trend as a style throwback, because of their popularity in the 80s and 90s.

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Clear Frames

Over the past decade, clear frames have firmly established themselves as a classic style of eyeglasses for round faced folks. The clear color of the frame, regardless of shape, can help to delineate your features while blending in with your face. We love this frame style for its subtlety and minimalism: clear glasses don’t draw attention to themselves but complement your own personal style and beauty. Clear frames also have the added benefit of allowing your natural eye color to show through. All of these elements make clear frames a great choice when looking for glasses for a round face.

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Rectangle Frames

Rectangle frames are a bold choice of frames for round faces because they create the illusion of a round face being longer and thinner than it would appear with other frames. The structure of rectangle glasses divides up the face and highlights your eyes, along with other stand-out facial features. They also give a distinctively vintage vibe, harkening back to the styles of the 50s and 60s.

Glasses for Women with Round Faces

When shopping glasses for round face females, the most popular features to complement are rounded jaw angles and full, round cheeks. Face length and width often match proportions in women with round faces, with a full set of face curves under the wide cheekbones.

Popular styles for women with round faces include what is called the D-frame shape, or cat-eye frames. This style of frames draws attention to the cheekbones and makes them stand out while keeping the eyes front and center. These frames are great for creating a retro look and projecting a feeling of stylish intelligence. Eyeglasses for round face female wearers can be incredibly chic.

Glasses for Men with Round Faces

Rectangle frame glasses for round face males help bring an angular balance to the curves of the forehead and jawline. These frames work especially well with beards and bring an academic look to any man’s face. As mentioned earlier, a round face shape is helped by an angular style of frame that balances and enhances features. The goal here is to highlight men’s facial features, not obscure them. 

Popular styles for both men and women who have round faces are the Nash, Carver, Hopper, Faraday, and Jemison styles. Frames for round faced glasses wearers are among some of the most sought after styles. Check out our fit guide for more examples.

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Finding Your Best Look

Felix Gray is one of the leaders in eyeglass fashion. We work with customers from around the world to create the best eyeglass looks for both work and leisure. Be sure to check out our styles, including our Blue Light glasses, and reach out to us if you want to know more about glasses for round faces, or anything else concerning fashion eyewear. We’d love to hear from you!